Energy Controls

Hospitality Building Automation

Evolve eGuest Energy Controls

The evolve energy control system can be set up as a full building automation with both wired and wireless solutions that can be controlled at any level, by guest or management.

Customised programmable automated setbacks allow for simple energy conservation throughout the property, with a full array of features including programmable “welcome scenes” for new guests, and preset lighting setups that can be controlled and customized through touch-screen tablet controllers or reset by management staff.

A full touch-screen table interface allows for guests to control lighting, temperature, blinds, room service, wake-up calls, and music, all at the touch of a button.

All-off switches and keycard readers control thermostats, lighting and televisions in order to maximize energy-savings when a room is unoccupied or the guest is not present.


Intuitous HVAC Automation

A simple “Set and Forget” for automated temperature set-backs for unoccupied rooms and suites, the Intuitous system provides occupancy detection and automated HVAC setback systems for unoccupied rooms or when the guest is not present.

The Intuitous system is based on occupancy detection systems, with no requirement for thermostat programming or any other involvement.

Upon installation, there is no extra maintenance or programming required.  The Intuitous setup will continue to operate and provide energy-savings with no further investment of time or resources required to benefit from the system.



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