Full Energy Control System

Evolve eGuest Energy Controls

These energy controls are able to control the three major consumers of energy in the hospitality industry:

  • Temperature
  • Lights
  • Television

The eGuest Energy Controls allow for building automation by including automatic set-backs for when a room is unoccupied or the guest is not present.

Easy Installation

Z-wave wireless technology enables properties to integrate its state of the art energy management solutions into new or existing buildings, without the monetary costs of expensive installations or the opportunity costs of “off-market” rooms during renovation. All rooms are delivered fully programmed and ready for installation.

Easy to Use

Upon entering the guest room, the guest initiates control of the lighting, HVAC system, television, and motorized draperies (if applicable) by simply inserting the keycard into the wall mounted Evolve keycard reader. Lighting, TV, and temperature control are operated normally while the room is occupied. When guests leave and remove the keycard, all room lighting is turned off, the television is powered down, and the HVAC system is set-back into an “energy saving” mode.

Improved Guest Experience

Tailor-made welcome scenes ensure guests consistently enter their rooms to the property’s predetermined lighting and temperature specifications. Our capability to integrate with motorized draperies not only provides for an added greeting to guests, but also assists in combating the heating effects of the summer sun and the chilling effects of the winter wind.


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