Evolve AI

Evolve Energy Controls for Hospitality

Evolve AI

The Evolve AI 8-inch Color Touchscreen Display replaces the guest room alarm clock and offers the following guest features:

  • Standard Functions
    • Full Alarm Clock Functionality including dual alarms and Wake-up call scheduling
    • IPod/IPhone/IPad Connectivity for audio and charging
    • Internet Radio, Pandora and/or ShoutCAST
    • 5-Day Weather Forecast
  • Full Room Control with Evolve wireless devices
    • Lighting including scene control
    • Temperature Control
    • Motorized Drapery Control if room is equipped
  • Concierge Services
    • Internal Message Broadcasting for groups or conventions when used with EvolveNet
    • In-Room Dining Ordering of Room Service/Tray Collection
    • Request Valet Parked Car
    • Restaurant Reservations and menu review
    • Golf Tee-Times
    • Spa bookings
  • Potential ad revenue generation through sellable Ad Space for local businesses/in-house restaurants
  • Internet Apps (Headline News, local events, etc.)
  • Full customization for each hotel is available

All above items are subject to connectivity to applicable services within the individual hotel.

Product Specifications

Power Requirements

Direct Wall Power 110/240v 0.45A MAX

Battery Backup

Clock Backup Only


8″ color touch screen




Internal (2W Stereo)

Wireless Internet Support

WiFi 802.11 b/g

Software Updates

Via Wireless Internet Access

Ambient Operating Temperature

14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)


5% to 80%


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