Room Lighting and Automation

Evolve Energy Controls for Hospitality

Room Lighting and Automation

Our LCD Director Series lighting and automation controllers take in-room control and energy efficiency to the next level. Each controller’s buttons and LCD displays are fully programmable, allowing for an unlimited number of functions and scenes. Practical uses include the ability to control each section of a room’s lighting levels and on/off status, adjust temperature, operate motorized draperies, activate mood lighting, call for housekeeping/do not disturb, and of course, set the room’s lights, TV, and HVAC into energy saving modes.

The customization doesn’t stop at the programming level, as each controller can be wall mounted or placed on a tabletop. The options and settings can be personalized in terms of external color, language, font, backlight brightness and color, and button perimeter lighting level and color.

Like all of our devices, the Director Series can be easily retrofitted into virtually any room type or environment to provide greatly enhanced room control and automation, while providing the stylish décor your guests expect.

Any of the Director Series controllers can be integrated with our standard energy management systems and EvolveNet to create a building with unmatched energy efficiency, in-room control, and back-office monitoring and awareness. The incorporation of these three systems creates the most limitless, comprehensive, and user-friendly energy management solution in existence today.


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