Set and Forget Energy Controls

Basic Energy Controls

The lodging industry has demonstrated great environmental leadership and have been early adopters of technology solutions to reduce energy consumption. With over 4 million guest rooms in North America, occupancy-based controls designed to setback heating and cooling systems are chipping away at the industry’s 2 billion dollar annual energy expense.

Deployment of these systems presents a unique challenge because guest comfort remains the number one priority. The technology must be transparent to hotel guests, yet sophisticated enough to conserve at every possible opportunity.

The operator is faced with many types of systems to control; incremental wall units, heat pumps, fan coil units and others, some with unit mounted controls others with wall thermostats. Savings expectations are high and retrofit disturbance and downtime must be kept to a minimum.

Priorities include wireless occupancy sensors linked to control devices that provide automatic space set back, temperature limiting, night set back, patio door sensors, lighting control and other auxiliary relays. The consensus is that regular programmable thermostats cannot be used effectively in circumstances with unpredictable occupancy.

Typical Deployment

In most cases, hotel customers have chosen our wireless suite of products to ensure minimal disruption to the interior decor of their suites and rapid, cost effective installation.

A typical hotel room deployment includes an Intuitous controller mounted inside the PTAC unit and one ceiling mounted occupancy sensor centrally located over the bed. The existing thermostat and control systems remain unchanged and there are no wires run within the suite. Typical installation time is 30 minutes or less.

Typical Solution Features:
  • Temperature-based heating set back
  • Temperature-based cooling set up
  • Heating and cooling limits
  • Long term set back
Optional Features:
  • Intelligent night setback
  • Patio door limits
  • Lighting control


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