LED Lighting

Parking Lots and Garages

Efficient LED Lighting for the Hospitality Industry

Green-Able efficient LED lighting to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency for members of the hospitality industry.

The SILED LED lights can be used for both outdoor parking lots, as well as indoor/underground parking garages.  Our lamps provide significant energy cost savings, as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Long Lifetime

Our SILED LED lights have an extremely long lifetime of 50 000 hours.


LED lights are not affected by shaking and vibrations.  LED light emissions do not waver and flicker like other light sources.

Extremely Efficient

Save up to 80% power usage by replacing a conventional light source with LED lighting.

Other Benefits of the SILED Lighting System

The SILED Lighting systems offered by Green-Able provide much improved light dispersion over typical LED lighting systems.  The lamps are self adjusting to provide a specific number of lumens of illumination throughout the day and night, keeping your guests safe and confident in parking lots during dusk and dawn, while also saving on energy costs.


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