Linentracker® RFID Technology

The linentracker® system uses RFID technology to track your linens as they move through the linen life-cycle.  Every tag has a unique id that is used to identify exactly where it has been.

Linentracker® Passive RFID SMARTtag

The passive RFID tags are affixed to every piece of linen that is to be tracked.  It is possible for the tags to be either sewn or heat-sealed onto the linen.

Small Size

Extremely thin at less than 1mm.  Easy to embed by heat seal.


Specially designed for the hospitality industry, the SMARTtag is made of soft, flexible material and is able to endure high temperatures, rotary ironing, and tunnel wash extractor cycles.


The tags have a long range of 10-15 feet.  This means that our readers are able to accurately track linens as they pass by readers, even in bulk situation such as in laundry chutes.  There is no need to scan every piece separately.


The tags have been tested for over 550 wash cycles in a tunnel wash extractor machine and rotary iron press set to 580 psi (40 bars) of pressure.  The life of the tags exceed the expected life-time of a typical piece of linen by a factor of 3.

Linentracker® SMARTreaders

The linentracker® SMARTreaders are installed in key locations around the hotel.  They are able to read tags from a distance of 10-15 feet, and accurately identify multiple tags at once.


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