Conservation Opportunities

Multi-Family Residential Building Automation

Conservation Opportunities

The Intuitous conservation plan is highly configurable through simple DIP switches on the controller board. With all features enabled, the system offers the following conservation opportunities:

1. Conserve when the space is unnocupied

Save 15-30%

Intuitous uses wireless occupancy sensors and other innovative methods to detect human presence. When a suite or zone is unoccupied, the system enters conservation mode. The system constantly monitors the temperature ensuring an accurate setback. When the occupant returns, the comfort temperature is quickly restored (and optionally, the lights come back on).

2. Eliminate excessive use

Save 5-10%

The Intuitous system provides limit controls so that maximum allowed heating and cooling temperatures can be set. A suite that is over-heated to beyond 24C (75F) in the winter or cooled to below 21C (70F) in the summer will consume excessive energy and place unnecessary wear on your HVAC equipment. Limit controls can be set to reduce this waste.

3. Reduce energy loss through balcony doors

Save 5-10%

Intuitous wireless door and window sensors detect when balcony doors and windows have been left open for prolonged periods. Under these conditions, the HVAC equipment can be set to enter conservation mode or shut down entirely.

4. Reduce consumption at night

Save 4-8%

Night setback while the occupants are sleeping is a further opportunity to conserve energy. This option is fully automated within the system and can be enabled to invoke moderate setbacks.

5. Lower equipment costs

Save 10-20%

The above conservation modes all lead to reduced runtime for your equipment. In addition to saving energy, reduced runtimes will lead to longer equipment life and a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs.

6. Environmental benefits


A reduction in your HVAC energy costs will translate to a reduction in the overall carbon footprint of your building and a significant reduction in your use of precious energy resources.


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