How It Works

Multi-Family Residential Building Automation

How It Works

Each Intuitous Energy Conservation system is comprised of wired or wireless sensors and a controller hardwired into the HVAC (Heating-Ventilating-Air-Conditioning) equipment and Lighting System (optional). A basic wireless system requires one controller with an integrated temperature sensor and one wireless occupancy sensor.

A basic wired system can be deployed with an all-in-one device that includes the controller and sensors in a single ceiling mount enclosure. Dozens of sensors can be connected to each controller to cover multi-room suites or large retail/commercial zones. Intuitous controllers can also connect to other building systems, such as security panels and card access systems to derive occupancy.

The sensors update the controller with the following information:

  • Is the suite/zone currently occupied or vacant?
  • If the suite is vacant, how long has it been vacant?
  • What is the current ambient temperature in the suite?
  • Are the occupants of the suite sleeping?
  • Has a balcony door been left open?

The controller stores this information in memory and invokes control over the HVAC and lighting equipment based on a pre-determined conservation plan. The conservation plan is highly configurable through simple DIP switches on the controller board.


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