Wireless Products

Multi-Family Residential Building Automation

Wireless Products

Intuitous “Wireless” products are best suited for retrofit installation in multi-unit residential properties, hotels and any application where running control wires from the sensors to the controller would prove challenging.

Wireless Occupancy Sensor

The Intuitous Wireless Occupancy Sensor employs Passive Infra-Red Technology to detect human presence. The ceiling mount design enables optimal range and accuracy and blends into the room’s decor. The sensor also measures lighting levels to enable optional night setback modes. The sensor continually monitors the space, however intelligent circuitry minimizes communication with the controller to ensure maximum battery life. Multiple sensors can be used to ensure complete coverage in large areas or multi-room zones.

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Wireless Door Sensor

Intuitous door sensors are designed for balcony or terrace doors where energy could be lost if the door remains open while the suite’s heating or cooling system is running. These sensors are small battery powered devices that communicate with the Energy Conservation Controller wirelessly and only when the door has remained open for prolonged periods of time. When the door is closed, the sensor enters an idle (power down) state enabling long battery life in the range of 4 – 6 years under normal operating conditions.

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Wireless HVAC and Lighting Controller

The HVAC Controller receives human presence, lighting level and door status information from the Intuitous wireless sensors and uses an onboard micro-controller to make Intelligent decisions about when to conserve energy. Configuration is managed through switches on the controller board. A remote probe is used to capture accurate ambient temperature thus enabling true temperature based setbacks and hi/low limit control.

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Wiring Harness

Intuitous wiring harnesses empower the installer with maximum compatibility and deployment efficiency.

Plug and Play harnesses are available for a variety of manufacturer’s HVAC equipment. A snap together wiring harness kit is also available for rapid on-site custom wiring.

Relay Transformer

The Intuitous Relay/Transformer is a versatile accessory that provides 24VAC control voltage from a 120 to 240VAC supply as well as a set of SPDT relay contacts that can handle HVAC and lighting loads. The relay is activated by Normally Open (NO) dry contacts.

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