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Environment Canada Municipal Water Use Report

The 2011 Environment Canada Municipal Water Use Report found that non-metered residential properties consume significantly less water than metered properties.

The 2009 survey shows that in municipalities with volume-based water charges (using 100% metering as a proxy), the average  residential consumption rate was 229 Lcd. In municipalities without metering and therefore no volume-based pricing, the average residential consumption rate was 65% higher at 367 Lcd. This association between metering and lower per capita water use holds true for all provinces and size groups, although the magnitude of the difference varies.

The full report is available for download here: 2011 Municipal Water Use Report – Environment Canada

Report of the Water Strategy Expert Panel

The Government of Ontario has commissioned a Water Expert Panel to issue a report on the state of Ontario’s water and wastewater sector.

Metering should be mandatory in all sustainable water systems… Consumers should pay the full cost of the services they consume, which will require full metering…

As new technologies that allow for more efficient sub-metering become more readily available, Ontario municipalities should ensure that property owners who wish to sub-meter are able to do so.

View the full report here: The Case for Change in Ontario’s Water and Wastewater Sector


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