Utility Sub-Metering

Utility Sub-Metering Installation Process

Below is an outline of the utility sub-metering process.  We would be glad to assist in answering any questions you may have, or to get started.  Simply fill in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

1. Check Lease Agreement

The first step is to check the current lease agreements to whether they allow for the option to bill separately for utilities.  If not, the amendments to the lease agreements would have to be drafted; some tenants may not wish to amend their lease agreements.  This may result in a rolling implementation as the new contracts will be used for new tenants and renewals as current lease agreements expire.

2. Consultation

We will go over any questions you may have regarding the sub-metering process.  We will ask for some basic information regarding the properties, current energy conservation measures in place, and some recent utility bills.  These will be used to calculate the expected benefits of our sub-metering solutions, and decide whether to continue with the project.

3. Site Survey

A Green-Able representative will visit the property to assess the sub-metering options.  Together with the Property Manager, we will tour the property and evaluate the sub-metering options available.  Photographs will be taken of the plumbing, A/C, hot water tanks, electrical panels, etc.  A copy of the site map and floor plans would be helpful to decide on the layout of the network.  A decision will be made as to the location of the Data Collector.  It is preferred to have this located in a secure environment such as Leasing Office or Maintenance Office.  It requires access to a 110v outlet, phone line, and internet.

To speed up the process, you can download the H2Odegree Site Survey form, fill it in, and email it to

4. Proposal Preparation

Green-Able and H2Odegree will prepare a proposal for your property, outlining the sub-metering solutions, installation options, costs, time-frames, expected returns, transition plans, and other important details.

5. Information Session for Tenants

An information session is usually held at a common room on the property for tenants to ask any questions they may have regarding changes to their utilities.  A Green-Able/H2O representative will be available for the information session to answer any questions and ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved

6. Installation

Installation will take place as per the time-frame presented in the proposal.  The installers are usually accompanied by a member of the property management or security department while work is performed in an apartment.  All meters are tested on the spot, and network connectivity is immediately assessed and any problems are resolved on the spot.

7. System Testing

The system is tested for several weeks to confirm everything is working properly.  Any possible issues are resolved prior to implementation of the sub-metering.

8. Implementation

The sub-metering solution “goes live”.  Results are tracked for the evaluation of program effectiveness.



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