Leak Reports

Utility Sub-Metering

Daily Leak Reports to Property Managers

The H2Odegree system provides daily leak reports to property managers every morning, identifying the size and location of every leak in the building as it is identified, and before it can become a serious issue.

Our software measures the volume of water flowing, as well as time the number of events, allowing us to identify when a leak occurs.  If a toilet that normally sees an event lasting 45 seconds experiences a single event with water flowing for 2 hours, the leak is identified by location and size, and sent to the property manager every day.

Reports can be sorted in many ways
  • by Serial Number
  • by Property
  • by Building
  • by Apartment
  • by Point (toilet, sink, shower, tub, etc.)
  • by Leak Size

“We Have a Problem”

Below is a real leak report that was sent to a property manager.  This cause of the leak was a cracked fill-valve on a toilet in a vacant apartment.  The report was sent to the property manager for 17 consecutive days, as water was running continuously at a rate of about 3.6 gallons/minute.  The manager was ignoring the reports and did not act on the report.

Notice the number of events as zero – this indicates water was flowing continuously. Every type of leak has its own "signature"

Eventually, H2Odegree contacted the building owner regarding the ongoing leak, and the cracked fill-valve was replaced.  Taking advantage of the leak report could have saved nearly 95,000 gallons of water that was lost in less than 18 days.  That is the equivalent of the average monthly usage for 45 single-bedroom apartments.


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