Microgrid Systems

Green-able Microgrids

Green-able Microgrid Systems

About Microgrids

Microgrid systems are self-contained complete energy systems comprising of energy generation, storage, and management. These microgrid systems can be either completely independent stand-alone systems, or can be set up to operate in parallel with a major power grid.

Microgrids ensure reliable and affordable energy in rural and urban communities, and allow communities to rely on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geo-thermal, by using efficient energy storage solutions for these clean power generation technologies.

Green-able’s Microgrids can operate as completely independent energy solutions for rural communities, as affordable energy sources for urban communities during peak hours, or as backup energy systems during main grid power outages.

Microgrid Benefits

  1. Reliable source of locally produced energy
  2. Utilize clean renewable energy sources such solar, wind and geo-thermal
  3. Efficient energy storage and management
  4. Can operate as completely independent energy systems in rural communities
  5. Stabilize energy demand on main grids during peak hours

Microgrid Components


Microgrids have their own local power generation, typically using renewal energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, or geo-thermal technology. This allows for clean energy generation locally and independently from the main grid.


Energy storage is a vital part of each microgrid, allowing for the storage of excess energy produced during off-peak hours for use when demand is higher. This minimizes the required power generation capacity of the system by using energy that has been produced when demand was lower than the amount of energy produced.


Smart microgrid energy control systems stabilize energy demand and optimize power generation to supply energy from newly generated energy or energy stored in the microgrid’s energy storage system.


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