Agricultural Applications of Biologic Products

Biologic® Agricultural Applications

Managing manure and waste can improve the overall farming operation while improving the environment and reducing fertilizer cost. A wastewater management system should be part of a total soil and water conservation plan for farms producing livestock and poultry. A nutrient management plan is an important part of the total waste management plan. The nutrient management plan allows farmers to more fully use the nutrients in animal and poultry waste to produce crops in an environmentally friendly manner.

SciCorp Biologic products consist of non-toxic micronutrients that are friendly and are designed to accelerate the activity of beneficial aerobic/anaerobic organisms involved in the breakdown of waste materials which at the same time suppress the activity of odor producing bacteria.

SciCorp Biologic products will:

  • Enhance treatment of agriculture waste
  • Reduce and eliminate odours associated with these types of waste
  • Accelerate the breakdown of fats, oils, and greases
  • Reduce overall waste handling, odor control, and disposal costs associated with these wastes
  • Accelerate the degradation of waste in landfill sites


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