Applications for Wastewater Treatment

Biologic® Wastewater Applications

Biologic® SR2 is a concentrated liquid formula of natural micronutrients that is designed to accelerate biological activity, growth and metabolism of the hydrolyzing, facultative and pure anaerobes within wastewater treatment systems.

The formula uses natural trace micronutrients to stimulate facultative and non-pathogenic microorganisms, and contains no bacteria, enzymes or harsh chemicals.  It eliminates odours without using masking agents or chemical oxidants, and is made of 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.

1. Eliminate, Reduce or Delay the Need for Plant Expansion or Modernization

  • Increases BOD removal efficiency via facultative anaerobes
  • Reduces sludge volumes produced
  • Reduces oxygen requirements
  • Eliminates foaming and floating scum and sludge
  • Increases settleability of sludge
  • Reduces chemical treatment requirements
  • Provides more consistent, predictable results

2. Elimination of Organic Deposits

  • Less maintenance
  • Cleaner sludge and scum lines
  • Cleaner wet well and clarifiers
  • Improved appearance
  • Reduced chemical requirements for handling deposits
  • Reduced energy requirements for pumping

3. Effective Elimination of Odors

  • Improved public relations
  • Avoid costly and time consuming litigation

4. Reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide Generation

  • Reduction of odours
  • Reduction in corrosion
  • Improved safety
  • Lowered toxicity of final effluents

5. Improved Setteability of Solids

  • Elimination or reduction of flocculents
  • Increased sludge density
  • Less sludge pumping
  • Lowered transportation costs for sludge disposal

6. Improved digestion of organic matter
7. Onsite destruction of many organics
8. Complete breakdown of fats and greases
9. Reduced solids disposal and associated energy costs
10. Improved anaerobic sludge digester operations
11. Eliminates foaming in digesters
12. Increased organic removal efficiencies
13. Reduced sludge volume requiring disposal
14. Reduction of many scums and deposits
15. Increased gas production
16. More stable sludge, easier to dewater


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